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We exist to

break stigmas, build self-love, breed empowerment.

"Celebrities, Social Influencers, and Everyday People

‘Bite the Bullet’ to share their personal experiences of hardship with the  hopes of inspiring courage in those who need it."

                                                                                                                      - Entertainment Tonight

Created by Farrah Aviva with the intention of doing a small side project, BITE THE BULLET Stories has become a movement. A community of people who believe it’s important to not only show your best self, but also your real self.


It rapidly became clear to Farrah that this project was having a transformational impact on both those who shared their stories, as well as who read them. So in August, 2018 Farrah turned to crowdfunding to help her continue with the project. She raised $26,177 from strangers around the world who believed in this project as much as she did.  These funds along with merchandise sales have been used to develop all the stories to date.

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