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BITE THE BULLET Stories features celebrities, social influencers, and everyday people ‘biting the bullet’ to share their personal experiences of hardships, triumphs and determination for change. The goal is to conquer our long-standing fear of judgment in hopes of inspiring courage in those who need it.  We’re all on this journey together and it’s important to not only show your best self, but also your real self. By revealing our vulnerabilities we can become stronger and lift those around us.










​Farrah Aviva is an actor/photographer and the creator of BITE THE BULLET Stories. With a 14-year career in the arts, Farrah is one of Canada’s most sought after portrait photographers and has a lengthy, diverse resume in film/television ranging from acting to directing.

Farrah began her career in the arts in New York as a designer and fashion show coordinator. She worked with brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Paris Hilton. Taking her experience in production with some of fashion's greatest designers, Aviva began to pursue her photography career. Taking her cues from fashion photography icons, Aviva has re-envisioned the trademark production, set design and aesthetic as an aspect of her ever growing practice that is driven to call attention to necessary conversations around contemporary culture.












​Alexander Ludwig is an actor known for, among many things, the hugely successful blockbuster, The Hunger Games and the hit television series, Vikings.


In July 2018, Alexander decided to 'Bite the Bullet' himself to open up and speak about his struggle with addiction. He saw first-hand the incredible impact it made not only for himself, but for the thousands of people who read his story.  He immediately recognized that this was a cause that could help a multitude of people and decided he wanted to support it at a higher level. Alexander has a history of working with a variety of philanthropic organizations and so he naturally began to act as a representative to BITE THE BULLET Stories.  He soon offered to make it official and come on as an ambassador to help Farrah promote the campaign in Los Angeles.









Kristy Dawn Dinsmore is an actress known for multiple shows and most recently her role as Amma in seasons 5 and 6 of Vikings

Kristy’s successes, however, didn’t come without struggle. At the age of seven her mother was diagnosed with cancer and fought it relentlessly for three years before passing.  This left a tremendous impression on Kristy.  In July 2018, she decided to 'Bite the Bullet' to open up and speak about the journey of losing her mom and the strength it gave her to support Alexander when he needed it.

Kristy's experience with BITE THE BULLET Stories inspired her to participate beyond her own story. She now facilitates meetings, introductions and creates plans to help Farrah achieve her long term goals. Together with Farrah Aviva and BITE THE BULLET stories, they have set on a journey to encourage people to talk openly about their issues and to ask for help if needed. To summon the courage we’ve had all along.