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BITE THE BULLET Stories features celebrities, social influencers, and everyday people ‘Biting the Bullet’ to share their personal experiences of hardships, triumphs and determination for change. The goal is to conquer our long-standing fear of judgment in hopes of inspiring courage in those who need it.

The project was launched by Farrah Aviva in May, 2018 with the intention of doing a small side project. She didn't expect it to resonate with as many people or as quickly as it had.  It rapidly became clear that the transformational impact this project was having on not only those who shared their stories, but also on the incredible amount of people inspired by them, needed to continue. Farrah decided to donate all her time and resources into building BITE THE BULLET Stories into what it has become today.  A movement and community of people who believe it’s important to not only show your best self, but also your real self. That by sharing our vulnerabilities we can break stigmas and make each other stronger.

In August, 2018 Farrah turned to crowdfunding to help her continue with the project. She raised $26,177 from strangers around the world who believed in this project as much as she did.  These funds along with merchandise sales have been used to develop all the stories to date.





​Farrah Aviva is an actor/photographer and the creator of BITE THE BULLET Stories. With a 14-year career in the arts, Farrah is one of Canada’s most sought after portrait photographers and has a lengthy, diverse resume in film/television ranging from acting to directing.

Farrah began her career in the arts in New York as a designer and fashion show coordinator. She worked with brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and Paris Hilton. Taking her experience in production with some of fashion's greatest designers, Aviva began to pursue her photography career. Taking her cues from fashion photography icons, Aviva has re-envisioned the trademark production, set design and aesthetic as an aspect of her ever growing practice that is driven to call attention to necessary conversations around contemporary culture.











Jennece Doman connected with this project on a personal level after coming across the page and relating to other’s stories and struggles; she knew she wanted to be a part of this project in some way. She originally planned to just ‘Bite the Bullet’ herself for mental illness but sharing her story wasn’t enough. She began to volunteer her time as an ambassador in February 2019.

Jennece comes from a philanthropic family, which co-founded a very successful non profit organization built on giving back and hard work. With 10 years of experience in fundraising and working with charitable organizations, Jennece looks forward to putting these attributes towards this project.  She has completed her schooling in marketing and design and is excited for this next chapter of her professional and philanthropic career.