We’re proud to share that all merchandise is handmade and packaged by Farrah Aviva. By finding used bullet shells destined for landfills, Farrah creates keepsakes of strength and courage to help people feel empowered and less alone on their toughest days.


BITE THE BULLET Stories is personally funded and operated by Farrah Aviva. 100% of all merchandise proceeds goes towards covering the costs of sourcing, photographing and sharing these stories, as well as to administrative costs such as website fees and outsourced labour.

If you would like to support this project by ordering a keepsake please browse the selection below! If you’d like to donate, Farrah will email you personally to let you know what your generous contribution will be put towards.

Our vulnerabilities are our strength and together we can break stigmas and lift each other up!

Thank you for supporting this project.

THE process!